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Annual Horoscope - A must for all

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

How useful are varshphal predictions?

Prevention is better than cure. If you believe in this old proverb, it also works for Astrology. In astrology Annual Horoscope reading or Varshphal prediction just does that.

Life is full of surprises, little joys, and lots of challenges. Such a roller coaster ride requires adequate safety measures to safeguard your health, wealth, and life. Astrology covers all these aspects and beyond.

You go in for periodic check-up of your vehicle because of it is expensive and you need to maintain it. You go in for annual maintenance of your home appliances and even take out home insurance for similar reason. You go for annual medical check-up for health too. Then why you take your life for granted? Varshphal predictions are like annual check-up. A comprehensive Varshphal gives much more information about the likelihood of events in coming 12 months from your birth date. Rather it gives information month-wise.

It is better to know your future and prepare in advance rather than correcting the issues, after they occur. This is what annual horoscope reading or Varshphal predictions help you achieve. You get a complete report on the likely event to happen in your life during the coming year.

Your birth chart (or horoscope) gives a deeper understanding of your behaviour, offers you insights about the areas in life you need to focus on and make efforts to get desired results from it.

Varshphal is the most important part of Vedic astrology that gives a whole new dimension to your life. Varshphal reading helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, during the coming year and give you an opportunity to make informed decisions for yourself in various spheres. Equipped with such knowledge it becomes easier to achieve success in life.

Just as you check your car’s oil and fuel or check the levels of water in the reservoirs of a home appliance, it is every bit as necessary to check your horoscope and keep yourself updated. This is preventive care for yourself — for your own peace of mind and well-being.

Our life becomes smooth because of proper and timely execution of actions to prevent crisis. Each horoscope is different from another just like your DNA. So the generic predictions based on 12 zodiac signs cannot hold good for everyone. An astrologer's job is to study the horoscope in detail, analyse the strengths and deficiencies and prescribe appropriate remedies in detail i.e. to forecast what will happen if no precautions are taken and what will happen if certain preventive measures are applied in time.

The first step for getting any work done is to acknowledge the need of the same. Acknowledging a need also brings it to a conscious level and makes you ready to bring solutions.

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