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Amazing World of Bach Flower Therapy

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I am a Professional Astrologer, Reiki healer and bodymind therapist. Astrology is science whi

ch seeks to answer issues based on study of celestial bodies, their positioning and inter-planetary relations. Astrology is decoding of cosmic messages and is not limited to future telling. Planets reveal much about our past, present and the future. But Astrology is just one part in the holistic study of nature and humanity. We need to go back to nature from time to time to seek answer and solutions to our problems. Protection of environment and pristine nature is thus vital. Otherwise nature fury knows no bounds. In its wrath it can even wipe out human life.

In the past we had no Astrologers. We had learned sages with in-depth study of Vedas and scriptures. Knowledge of astrology was integral part of Atharveda and Ayurveda.

My indulgent into study of cosmic and mystic sciences, naturopathy, Bach Flower therapy, aroma therapy, yoga and meditation are natural in quest of knowledge in this direction.

Having said that let me come back to the wonderful science of Bach Flower Therapy. It seeks to resolve your problems by infusing in you the vibrant energy of nature and restore the balance between your body, mind and soul. Yoga, naturopathy, acupuncture, sound healing, mantra chanting, gemstones, Ayurveda also do the same but the mediums of balancing the energy are different.

Vedas are the fountainhead of this ancient knowledge.

Bach flower therapy is a specialized form of treatment. The treatment helps one to get in touch with his strong and suppressed feelings. In Bach Flower Therapy there are 38 different flower extracts available. Based on experience and diagnosis a few drops of diluted flower extract are given to a patient. These flowers extracts contain energies or vibrations which in turn affect our mental, emotional and physical state. The treatment duration depends on the nature of problem whether it is acute or chronic, according the treatment is administered.

Dr Edward Bach, MBBS was a bacteriologist also qualified in Homeopathy. He was a spiritualist, a researcher and a writer. He captured the vibrational energy of plants and flowers and used it to erase the suffering of human beings. In fact these remedies are equally effective on animals and pets.

The Bach flower remedies are herbal medicines made from 38 flowers. Dr Edward Bach developed the flower remedies between 1930 and 1935. The idea behind using this therapy is to stimulate a person's self-healing process by enhancing the natural energies of the different personality types (that is, each person's distinctive mental attitude pattern).

In Vedic studies it is mentioned that no disease is incurable, but first treat the mind.

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